Monday, May 21, 2007

Lafayette, website, Elementary, CCJDS, May, 2007

The first thing we did upon learning of our successful grant application was to gather everyone on our staff and faculty with technology and networking background. As a small but growing school, we don't have a separate technology coordinator or even a school computer network--we are going to be the ones creating it!

So we assembled a wish list--essentially, restating and refining the goals we had written about in our grant application--and begin to define in detail what we actually needed to do. Specifically, we need to know about how to establish and maintain an off-site hosted server. We also began to list the software needs that we will have and look into the hardware we are planning on buying.

As of now, we have set up a meeting with an outside technology and network consultant to sit down with us and review everything that we plan on doing and getting some professional advice on how to go about doing all of this. After this meeting, which will take place after Shavuot, we will re-assess what we have to do and then figure out our next plan of action! So stay tuned as we figure out how to put this all together!

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