Sunday, June 24, 2007

Curricular Website / Webquest Development / Smartboards / Dreamweaver

For the past couple of years at the Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, I have been designing websites for the Judaic Curriculum. I have a website which up until now has been hosted on a server in Chicago. This is a 5th Grade Judaic website that has also been added to Bar-Ilan University's online teacher resource library.

The Avichai grant has enabled me to accomplish several things: 1. The further development of my pre-existing websites which will soon be moved to a local server which we have purchased for my websites. 2. We have purchased a smartboard for my classroom with full overhead projection. 3. Up until this time, I have created my websites and webquests using Frontpage. I have since been trained in Dreamweaver and have developed the next website for 6th Grade Mishnah. I will post the link to this site within the next couple of weeks as we get our new server up and running. I will eventually receive training in writing html as well.
The current link to my 5th Grade website is:

Please feel free to browse the site. There are still areas of the site that are under construction, such as the Dinim section. You will see the worksheets and the games and web quests that my students have access to at all times. They can print off a worksheet as many times as needed to study, or an advanced student may complete work ahead, use games to review, or work on a web quest to further challenge him or herself. A slower student can access the information at home for review, or for extra time. No student ever comes in saying that they cannot find their homework. :) Parsha sheets are available in advance for students to complete as they wish- either during that week, or a little ahead if they have time. Parents love the website! There will be additional features added to the website over the coming weeks. I will post as I make these changes.

I will also post as I continue to develop the other websites for the rest of the Judaic Studies subjects in Middle School. This week I will be attending the NECC 2007 Ed Tech Conference to be held here in Atlanta. Among other things, I will be attending workshops that demonstrate creative uses of the Smartboard. I'll post some of what I observe at a later time.

Carrie Moaty
Greenfield Hebrew Academy
Atlanta, Georgia


Neil said...

I like the opportunity you provide for students to be responsible for their own learning. You have designed a way for students to check homework assignments using a variety of options. Parents and students are working with you in a positive way. Great idea!

Tikvah Wiener said...

I love all your handouts, and saw on your website that they are copyrighted. How did you copyright the information?

Tikvah Wiener
The Frisch School
Paramus, New Jersey

Carrie Moaty said...

My mother specializes in Copyright, trademark, and patents... Technically, anything one writes can be copyrighted. Obviously, inforamtion from Tanach cannot be copyrighted, but the way in which one presents the information can be. If you would like to print off the sheets and use them as they are, please feel free. I know for a fact that there are other teachers that have their students using the website, as one e-mailed me when a link was not working properly. :)