Monday, June 18, 2007

Hebrew language articles in our electronic newspaper

Yeshiva Atlanta has been publishing an online newspaper since the beginning of the 2006-07 school year, using as Yeshiva's email program. One of the tech grant goals is to increase the use of Hebrew by adding Hebrew language articles as well as online video skits and/or other multimedia presentations. I've requested the tech department to archive old newsletters for viewing from YA's website. If you would like to see YA's future editions, you can sign up at the website at

Scroll to the bottom of the home page and enter your email in the designated box. If you are interested in using or testing out this program for your institution, email I will send you an invitation, so that you will receive a $30 credit if you decide to subscribe. There is a special rate for nonprofits. Until the archives are posted, you can also email me to forward an old issue.

Some of YA's recent editions also included Hebrew language PowerPoints. Since the entire newsletter is online and the program allows online links, YA has taken advantage of the medium and added videos which YA hosted at, photo slide shows that YA hosted at and PowerPoint programs, which YA has hosted on its own webserver. This program also allows the students to include podcasts and other MP3 files and one of the goals is to include a Hebrew language dvar Torah, either written and/or spoken.

How written articles are posted: The Hebrew Word document is saved as a pdf file and FTPd up to the school's website. The pdf file is also converted into a jpeg file and the article is posted as an image with a link to the pdf file, which is more legible.

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