Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CDRebbi software : Software which can be customized for each teacher

Imagine....computer games that your students will love and any Rebbi can set up and use to review what he taught in his own class.
Imagine....a fun way to help your students reveiw their Chumash and Parsha.
Imagine....software that you chose from over 900 questions to help you design your own Chumash and Parsha worksheets and tests.
Imagine.... a game that students will search for clues around the school to answer questions on the computer to review for a test.
Stop Imagining....these programs will iy"h become available after the summer with the help of AVI CHAI Foundation. These are programs that I have used successfully with my H.A.N.C. high school students. I will make the games teacher friendly . The games will have templates that any teacher can use to insert information that he/she taught to have a fun review with his/her class.

Avraham Ismach
Hebrew Academy Of Nassau County


Rabbi D. Nimchinsky said...

Sounds like a great project! I have a load of questions! Will you be using Authorware or another platform to develop your software? I have heard that the domestic versions of Adobe titles are difficult to use with Hebrew (not impossible just difficult) I have used Lectora Publisher but it is not as slick as Authorware. (and although it seems to be OK with Hebrew I have yet to see how compatible it is with Windows Vista)
Will you be looking to develop a base program or will you be developing open templates?
Once again, great project!

Neil said...

We look forward to seeing the program and know it will be very useful for our school. Will this project work on a Mac?

Looking forward to the fall and seeing the material!

Cdrebbisoftware said...

Dear Rabbi Nimchinsky,
That you for your encouragement.I am using Visual Basic to make the programs.So far the programs are all with English.

Avraham Ismach

Dear Neil,
Thanks for your interest.At this point It is only good for Windows and Vista operating systems.

Avraham Ismach

If either of you would like me to send you a trial version of the Parshathon please send me your addresses.