Monday, July 30, 2007


Our server should be up some time late this week or next week, and the new websites that I have created should then be able to come to life! In the mean time, I have been setting up blogs for my various classes. One of the blogs I just set up is for my 8th Grade History of Israel class. I team teach this course with the Social Studies teacher, and the blog will be an effective way for our students to discuss major issues and topics that we will be learning about. Kids love to be "published" and to know that their opinions will be heard. Have a look at the beginning of our blog: Blogs are a great way to get our kids thinking deeply, in a way that appeals to them after school hours. They can be moderated, needless to say, in order to make sure that their comments are always appropriate. I have allowed our blog to be viewed by everyone, but limited the posting to our class, and the people our class decides are allowed to post. My 5th Grade will also have a blog about topics we cover in Sh'mot. I will post that shortly...

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Elky Langer said...

This is a terrific tool, and I would like to do something similar for my classes. I'm also considering recording my classes and posting the link by the blog entry so students can listen to a lesson for review, or an absent student can get the day's classes.

Are you thinking of posting audio material? How do you plan to structure that?