Friday, July 13, 2007

Lafayette, website, Elementary, CCJDS, July, 2007

With the end of the school year, our technology working group went into high gear. We have met and spoken with our outside tech consultant many times and did a ton of research on web hosting companies and purchasing remote server sites and finally made our decisions. We are staying with our current site and our web site remains, but we have upgraded our account to include e-mail accounts for our domain for all staff and families (for forwarding addresses) and an interactive group calendar.

Perhaps more important is that we have whittled down our wish list and finally purchased over $3,000 worth of equipment and software. Specifically, we bought a Mac Mini to serve as our school's server to host networked home folders for staff and students, homework web pages, Judaic resources and other documents, and to manage network printer queues. We also purchased Apple's Server Administration tools and FileMakerPro for server to create network based report cards, progress reports and other resources.

As the putative overseer of this grant and initiative, I also laid down a chunk of my own $$ along with the school's/grant's to attend Apple's Server Essentials class in San Francisco to learn how to become a server administrator and it was well worth the cost. I can't wait till the equipment and software arrives and we can begin setting everything up. Other members of our tech working group have totally updated our website, instituted the new e-mail system as noted above as well as the group calendar, and I have been pouring myself into planning the new network, familiarizing myself with the server administrative software tools and planning how to upload and access a huge library of Judaica documents, like the entire Hebrew Bible and Mishnah on our local server. I'm so excited--and busy! Boy, will the rest of the faculty be blown away in August when they return to find a completely new CCJDS network ready for them to access and learn how to use! Not to mention the students!!

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