Friday, July 13, 2007

My First PowerPoint

My project to create Jewish History PowerPoint lessons began to bear fruit this past week. I was able to put together a PPT on a JH topic(the Dead Sea Scrolls) with sound, video clips and links to the web. This, I believe adds a certain dynamic component to PPT as a teaching tool. There were a few difficulties and technical glitches but I was able to get it working. The clips I took from the COJS (Center of Online Jewish Studies) website (which is worth checking out- I also attended their workshop this week at NYU and they are really doing some great work.
I will continue on my next piece and report my progress as it happens, with G-d's help.
I welcome comments, suggestions and questions. Shabbat Shalom.



Tikvah Wiener said...

How did you get sound on the PowerPoint presentation? I'd love to try that!

JHistPowerptPro said...

There are at least 2 ways to add sound to PowerPoint presentations.
1) Go into Slide Show, Record Narration. There you can record your own voice or a prerecorded sound from a CD, etc.
2) First you need to create an MP3 sound file using software. One I have(and don't remember where I got it but you might be able to download it) is Audacity. Here you're playing some sound(either off the web or of a CD, etc) and recording what you need to create an MP3 file.
Then you go the Slide in PPT,
Slide Show, Slide Transition, Modify Transition(on the right),
in the Sound Box go down to Other Sound, click on it and it will prompt you - you will direct it to the MP3 file you've created.
In the is second method you're using another file(Mp3) so when you run the PPT you must have the file in the same folder with the PPT file.
This is all a bit tricky so you need to play with it till you get it right. can try and help if you run into problems.
Good Luck!