Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Test Podcast

I've been testing creating a podcast using GarageBand on the Mac and uploading it to the web so it's available for subscription.

My test podcast can be found at http://www.schechter.org/middle/podcast/.

There is a link so listeners can access the mp3 file directly (it's not exciting - remember, it's a test) as well as a link to the .xml file for subscription purposes. If anyone wants to see the code for the .xml file, feel free to email me for it.

I also submitted it to the Apple iTunes store for inclusion in their search engine.

The next steps are:
  1. work with our teacher who is going to be recording the files once school begins
  2. determine what Hebrew reading assignments will be uploaded
  3. "market" the new service to the appropriate students
Only a few weeks until school begins...


Ms. Carrie Moaty said...

I listened to the podcast - good for you! Just to make sure... It was only music, is that correct? I'm going to be learning how to make podcasts shortly as well... Any tips would be most helpful!

Debbie Harris said...

Hey Carrie - nice to "talk" to you again (and it was great to meet you at CAJE). Yes, one of the podcasts was just music.

I'm amassing a ton of information about creating these. I'm finding that the audio piece is the easiest part. I'll be happy to share my instructions with you!