Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adventures in Audio Recording

My colleague, Avi Hallali, is the Hebrew teacher who will be recording our Hebrew reading material for the podcast. He has already identified what material he's reading and has met with the Hebrew teachers to make sure he knows what they need for their students.

He started by recording using an mp3 recorder, but quickly realized that a major limitation is that it's very hard to go back and re-record when he realizes that he's made a mistake. In other words, it's pretty much all-in-one. Since he's reading from the book of Jonah, I did suggest that he can read it verse by verse (stopping recording at the end of every verse, thereby creating separate audio files), which would facilitate re-recording just one verse if necessary.

Avi, however, wants to be a little more experimental and has chosen to try recording using an Apple laptop and GarageBand. I showed him how to record into a new podcast, listen to his recording, and re-record when necessary. If this works for him, it will make creating the final project much easier for me in the end. He's actually become very enthusiastic about the process and envisions perhaps rolling out a Hebrew podcast in the future.

We should have the first podcast ready to go in the next few weeks.

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rejewvenator said...

Audacity is a free program for windows that allows you to do multi-track recording an editing. As you get into this world, and you want to do high-quality recording, you'll find that what you really need is a good quality studio microphone (e.g. Shure), and a pre-amp to plug the mic into. You'll probably also want a good set of studio speakers (Sennhesier, or Grado) to monitor the recording and catch things that you likely won't hear on your computer speakers.