Friday, August 10, 2007

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Faculty orientation starts in one week, and due to this technology grant, my summer has been amazingly hectic and filled with school work. It was fun, but I didn't have much of a summer.

All of our hardware and software that we purchased with the grant money showed up and with the aid of our outside technology consultant, we set up the server. Basically, we have an Apple Mac Mini sitting in a locked closet connected to the internet loaded with Apple's Mac OS X Server software. The overall experience of setting up the network is that every little thing that I thought would take around 10 or 15 minutes has taken an average of 2 hours! Plugging in cables, installing software, inputting serial numbers, setting up internet server services--even just establishing remote access to the server took weeks and numerous phone calls to our ISP! And now faculty planning meetings begin next week and I'm in a panic about trying to lay down the network infrastructure for faculty and students using software that I've only ever learned about in a classroom setting and read about in books. I'm operating at the furthest range of my technical know-how and skills but slowly I'm figuring this stuff out.

But the good news is that I love this stuff. It is my personal "black hole" that if I'm not careful, I could easily spend all of my time working and fiddling with. But I have to remember I'm also the Rabbi-in-Residence of the school, principle Judaic Studies teacher--AND the server administrator! Kind of a funny amalgam of professional portfolios, I admit. But I have to be sure to budget time to prepare actual teaching preparation!

I'm slowly getting to the Judaica side of all of this soon, but before I do, I still have to lay down the building blocks of creating and using the server network. That is where we are right now!

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