Thursday, August 23, 2007

Smartboard module: The Parable of Jotham

The Parable of Jotham (chapter 9 of the Book of Judges) is an important treatise on the characteristics of leadership and human nature. Therefore, it stands as a core text in any course dealing with leadership in the Bible. As a parable, this text is rich in imagery and multiple layers of meaning. These elements are explored interactively in my new Smartboard module.

After spending much of the summer working on this Avi-Chai project, my second Smartboard module, The Parable of Jotham (משל יותם), is finally available for teachers to download from the link below.

This module, designed for the teaching of Tanakh Ivrit b’Ivrit, is composed of 6 parts. Originally designed for grade ten students, it could easily be adapted to younger students.

Once downloaded, what will you find in The Parable of Jotham (משל יותם) Smartboard module?

In addition to the basic step-by-step teaching of Judges, chapter 9, with verse readings (audio) and Rashi commentaries, this module includes maps and tours of the sites mentioned in the text, such as Mount Gerizim, Mount Ebal and the city of Shekhem. Furthermore, this module features interactive information about the different trees mentioned in The Parable of Jotham, a tour to major Jewish sites of grape, fig and olive-oil production, as well as an introduction to the medicinal properties of these fruits.

Students will master the material and remain active in class through a variety of exercises and activities. For example, students are asked to match the fruits with other Biblical stories in which they are mentioned (ie the spies with the grapes, the Menorah with the olives, etc.). Moreover, this module contains popular legends and songs related to the themes expounded in the text.

This module stresses the moral of Jotham’s Parable and the resistance to the transition from the regime of the judges to that of the monarchy.

This module and others to follow will soon be posted on Herzliah High School’s new online Pedagogical Center, whose creation is made possible thanks to this Avi-Chai grant.

To use the Parable of Jotham (משל יותם) module, please the steps outlined below:

Unzip the file, “” .
Open the module, Jotham_Parable_Shiur_New, with Smartboard Notebook.
Start teaching.

Please note that once uploaded into your hard drive, you must adjust the URL of the HTML objects in this module, according to the files’ placement in your computer.

Feedback, comments and ideas for the improvement of this module are very welcome. Enjoy!

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