Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Text and Context: Makot Presentation

I've just completed the second presentation for the Integration of art and history with Tanakh. The presentation begins with a discussion of the role that magic played in Egyptian life and then goes into the first three plagues, showing how they attack specifically not only Egyptian economic life but also the very essence of Egyptian religious belief. One important and fascinating fact I learned while I was researching information was that Heqet, the Egyptian frog fertility goddess, was a kind of patron saint of midwives. That fact really makes the first two makot a direct midah k'neged midah for the pharaonic decrees to kill the Israelite male children.

The Frisch School is currently moving into a new building, so I've been unable to set up a webpage for the integration program. Once I do, however, and begin presenting the program to the students, I'll be posting the presentations on my webpage.

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