Friday, August 03, 2007

Thanks to the Avi-Chai Technology Experiment grant, my first Smartboard module, “Deborah’s Leadership in War”, is now available for teachers to download from the link below:

It can immediately be used as a standalone lesson or as part of a broader teaching program, such as “The Leadership of the Judges” (מנהיגות השופטים), or “Leaders and Leadership in the Bible” (מנהיגות ומנהיגים במקרא) or even as part of a gender thematic, namely, “The Role and Status of Women in the Bible” (מעמד האישה בחברה המקראית).

This module, designed for the teaching of Tanakh Ivrit b’Ivrit, is composed of six parts. Originally planned for grade ten students, it could easily be adapted to younger students. The module gives teachers enough leeway to modify and use only those parts that seem applicable to their class.

Once downloaded, what will you find in this student-oriented module?

In addition to the basic step-by-step teaching of Deborah’s story and the defeat of Jabbin, King of Canaan (Judges, chapter 4), this module stresses the importance of the geographical factor in Deborah’s military strategy (maps and tours of the sites mentioned in Deborah’s story are included), how the organization, type of army and strategies influenced the outcome of the war, as well as how the Israelites’ victory was translated into political, social, economic and military gains.

The variety of exercises, verse readings (audio) and activities (such as Mount Tabor puzzle, and Yael’s song) included in this module ensure that students remain active for the duration of the class and contribute to their mastering of the material in an agreeable way.

Included in this module is a booklet (“Student_Preparation_Deborah_War_Shiur.doc”) for the purpose of the students’ self-preparation for the class.

This module and others to follow will soon be posted on Herzliah High School’s new online Pedagogical Center, whose creation is made possible thanks to this Avi-Chai grant.

To use “Deborah’s Leadership in War” module, please follow the steps outlined below:

Unzip the file, “” .
Open the module, Deborah_War_Shiur_New, with Smartboard Notebook.
Open the file, “Student_Preparation_Deborah_War_Shiur.doc”, print and distribute to students.

Please note that once uploaded into your hard drive, you must adjust the URL of the HTML objects in this module, according to the files’ placement in your computer.

Feedback, comments and ideas for the improvement of this module are very welcome. Enjoy!

J. Fima

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