Thursday, August 09, 2007

CDRebbi software : Software which can be customized for each teacher


I have updated it for schools.
1.Now a teacher can choose the parsha that his/her students will play.
2.Now a teacher can make a quiz, test, or worksheet in minutes using the over 900 questions from Parshathon.A teacher can make a worksheet in minutes. Questions, sources and question numbers are added with the mere press of a button.
Scavenger Hunt-
I have found an artist who created for me a new graphic interface for the game.I have a musician sending me new music for the game.I am redoing the game to work with the new graphics.
Question Crunch-
I have updated it into Torah Baseball .The speed in which you answer the question enables you to advance more bases.For this I am still awaiting new graphics and music.
Torah Find-
I have updated this to Torah Race. For this one also I am awaiting graphics and music.I am in the midst of getting this program to install on a school network so that all of the students can play against each other.

Rabbi Avraham Ismach

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