Sunday, September 09, 2007

Power Points with Sound and Video

I was able to create a number of PPT presentations some with sound, some with video and some with links to the web. Here is a brief progress report:
1) The Jews in Medieval Christian Europe - Sound and Video
2) The Jews in America - Sound (so far)
3) Dead Sea Scrolls - Sound, Video, Link to the Web
4) The Golden Age of Spain - Sound (so far)
5) The Bar Kochba Revolt - Sound, Link to Web (so far)
6) Rambam
7) Eastern European Jewry
8) The Rise of Islam - in progress
9) The Miracle of Jewish History
10) The Rise of Modern Israel
The last 5 are strictly PPt's with no sound or video added yet. This whole process is a bit tricky.
I haven't found software yet that can pull off video material. Commercial DVD's usually have some encoded software so you have to contact the company to allow you to use it.
Adding sound and linking to websites is a bit easier, its really a matter of finding the right material, editing it and inserting it into the right spots.
An additional thing to consider: if you add an MP3 file to your presentation, it has to be included in your folder that contains the PPT.
I've been busy as of late because we're back to school so I'll probably get more done over Sukkot.
Shana Tova to all! Ktiva VChatima Tova!


Debbie Harris said...
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Debbie Harris said...

I believe that there's a setting in your PowerPoint preferences that specifies whether you want to link to sounds greater than a certain size. If you bump up the size of the sound files, PowerPoint will embed the sound files rather than linking to it. It increases the size of your presentation, but eliminates the need to make sure that the file is resident in the folder.