Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Text and Context

The Frisch School is still adjusting to the move to its beautiful new building and unfortunately the technology is not in place and will not be so until after the chagim. However, the head of the Tanakh program and I have worked out the schedule for the first two Torah integration presentations and the first Nach presentation. Furthermore, we've come up with the basic outline for the Nach presentations. They are:

Presentation 1: Qoheleth: The Solomonic era and the genre of Wisdom Literature
Presentation 2 and 3: How understanding the Achaemenid Dynasty and the way the Persian Empire worked enhances Esther
Presentation 4: Ruth:Topic to be decided.
Presentation 5: Eichah: Conceptions of the land of Israel in the Torah and Eichah and ancient practices of besieging and conquering a land

I look forward to having all of this available soon.

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