Wednesday, October 24, 2007

training sessions, and finding war veterans

As the holidays left their final blossom of fresh challah and matzo – ball soup, we started our real journey.

Our 4 student producers lead an active campaign to search for Israeli war veterans in their community. They contacted eight and scheduled interviews for the month of November and December. They were excited to find veterans from Israel's War of Independence (1948), the Sinai Campaign (1956) and the Six Days War (1967). Grandparents, teachers, neighbors and a restaurant owner immerged as an endless source of information.

The student interviewers had a three hours session with the school's social – worker. The group discussed interviewing techniques, how to decode body language, how to approach sensitive issues such as death, fear and lose, and self awareness to body movements, tone of voice etc. The students felt so enriched by the experience that they asked for a follow-up session, to be held on February 2008.

The filming and lighting crews had a detailed training on filming techniques and how to operate the expensive equipment. The filming specialist spent 10 hours working with the students. He will be present at the first three interviews to lend a hand if necessary.

The first interview will take place on November 9th. The first interviewee is Rabbi Baruch Lazevnik, a veteran of the first Intifada.


Debbie Harris said...

Sounds wonderful. We did a similar project with US WWII veterans some time ago and I think it was a terrific experience for our students.

Rabbi Miriam T. Spitzer said...

This is very exciting. Some years ago we did a project where the kids interviewed Holocaust survivors about their experiences after the war. The kids learned about the strength and the faith of these people who suffered such devastation and then went on to build families, support synagogues and schools, and build communities. This produced a lasting impact on kids and survivors alike and the kids still think about it often. I am sure your kids will also be strongly impacted by what they find out.