Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting to Video

On November 21st, I began meeting with a second group of ten students for Wednesday morning minyan. This group, different from the initial October group, already has some familiarity with Keynote, and some group members are going to work with the paragraphs before the Shema, and they are going to bring it to life with sound effects, making noise at the Hebrew word, “ra’ash” (“noise”), offering images of the four corners of the earth, love, and other concepts in those paragraphs. We will be scanning in pages from Siddur Sim Shalom, and pasting excerpts into Keynote slides.

One of the chief advantages of Keynote over Power Point, is the ability to use the Apple software to overlay student-created Garage-Band sound effects and i-Video creations, transforming a Keynote presentation into a video presentation.

This project challenges my students and me to make the most of a very brief time-frame. By the time we have completed our morning services, half of the allotted time is gone; I am thrilled with the progress students are able to make within the fifteen minutes that they have each week.

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Debbie Harris said...

Sounds (ha ha - no pun intended) exciting! Have you considered using GarageBand to create these as podcasts with images? That could be very cool.