Sunday, November 18, 2007

Herzliah High School’s technology team is currently working on the preliminary stages of the online pedagogical center. The idea is to create a crossroads for pedagogical exchange between schools, where everyone is invited to share and copy didactic material.

Technically speaking, we are actually debating which platform will best meet the needs of our future users, be it teachers, educators, students or parents. While our pedagogical center will obviously be open to everybody to freely download our posted materials, we have been advised that some sort of filtering mechanism is necessary when it comes to uploading educational materials by educators and teachers who wish to contribute or share their class lessons. Thus, the question we are attempting to answer is which platform will permit us to be open, on the one hand, but controlled and secure, on the other?

One suggestion is to look at platforms, such as Web CT or First Class. However, we’ve found out that contributors must be pre-registered with the system in order to receive authorization to upload educational material, an obvious obstacle to free exchange. In addition, the high cost of such platforms is a deterrent to small community schools like ours.

While we continue to search for an answer, it seems that the pedagogical center website will be built with two simultaneous, but separate compartments, one for downloading and one exclusively for uploading materials. There will be no need for a user-name and password. However, different ideas may be raised as a result of further investigation and advice solicited hereby.

Please inform me of any suggestions you may have regarding this issue. I am also interested in teachers’ responses to this project, particularly if you’d be willing to share your materials and upload them onto the site. Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Eli said...

Did you consider ? The world of Jewish Education is not so big, it would be good if we would be able to stick together....

rejewvenator said...

On a technical level, various wiki platforms support tiered permission structures for users - some users are only allowed to view, others are allowed to sue more advanced features like uploading content, and others are allowed to edit pages. The same goes for content management systems (CMS), many of which are available for free and which can be configured by your webhost automatically.