Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Text and Context: Nach Presentations

I've begun giving my Nach presentations that integrate the text with historical context. This year, Frisch is teaching the Megillot, so I've prepared the first presentation on Qohelet. The presentation focuses on the archaeology of the Solomonic period, starting from the Tel Dan stele, looking through various aspects of the Temple as well as finds from Tel Rechov and Megiddo. The presentation ends with a small look at Wisdom Literature from Egypt and Babylonia. I only give the presentations to the upperclassmen, but one of the teachers has asked me to email the presentation to her for her lowerclassmen, whom she thinks will appreciate it as well, particularly since the ninth graders have just learned in history about the Phoenicians and Hebrews. True integration!

Another one of the Nach teachers also was intrigued when I mentioned connections between Yonah and Pinocchio, so I prepared a presentation for her class comparing the two.

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