Monday, November 26, 2007

Text and Context

I'm now beginning my second round of Chumash Integration presentations, and because the students have had one lesson already and the first two lessons are closely linked, I feel like they are understanding the point of the whole program. I keep looking for ways to make the PowerPoint discussions exciting and interesting. How many times can one change a font color before the students start to yawn? I have found hyperlinking images keeps students alert. They're still so fascinated by the Smartboard technology that they are eager to see it in action.

Because I'm not in the classroom on a daily basis, I can't have the students make the presentations with me or produce ones on their own, but perhaps in future years, Frisch would consider having the students be part of the process. In the meantime, I continue to present the lectures using PowerPoint and, ideally, a Smartboard, but if the room doesn't have one, I use a laptop and projector (So old school to have to advance slides from a laptop. How quickly we get spoiled!). I have to rotate the rooms, as I go from one Chumash classroom to another.

In December, I'm meeting with Frisch's technology guru to set me up with a webpage, so I can provide a link to all my presentations. I continue to work on new ones. Coming up . . . Slavery in the ancient world for Chumash and Esther and the Achaemenid Dynasty for Nach. I also have a Chanukah presentation to show the ninth grade, who learn about Greek culture in December.

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