Saturday, December 01, 2007

Adding Comments to Smartboard Notebook Files

I'd like to start putting together teacher's editions of my Smartboard files. Essentially, that means adding explanatory notes to each slide to explain 1. What I'm trying to teach and 2. How to manipulate the slide (or what student input is expected) to teach it.

Powerpoint comes with a note capability for each slide in a slideshow, but I don't see anything like it in Notebook. I've seen other teachers' files and they basically write text on the first few slides to explain what they're doing. I can do that, of course--and I will, for a basic overview of the lesson--but I was wondering if there was a way to attach notes to a specific slide.

The only way I can think of is to extend the page, put the notes down there, and not have them show on the upper half of the screen. That's bit klutzy to work with, though.

Anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

We encourage teachers to create a document and place it in the attachment section of the notebook file. Powerpoint allows notes on each page which is cool, but if you are teaching (or doing a presentation), you should know what youare doing for that day - reviewing the attachment beforehand allows you to do that...

Tikvah Wiener said...

Someone at Frisch is having this problem and is stymied by it as well. The only program that we know of that is set up well for slides is PowerPoint.

Rabbi D. Nimchinsky said...

OK, here is a potential solution for you
The Smart-Notebook software has a function that allows you to attach a file to your notebook file.
Click “View”
Then “Attachments”
In attachments you can insert a link or a file (like a Word file) that will have the annotations, instructions, and teacher notes you want to include.

I hope this helps…

Elky Langer said...

I hadn't thought of attaching a document--great idea, thank you!

Do you know if the document automatically gets included when you move the file (as when you embed an image or sound file) or do you need to make sure to copy both?