Sunday, December 02, 2007

Podcasting challenges

We have a couple of issues that we need to deal with to improve our podcasting:

1. 8th graders didn't exactly looooove the podcasts. The response was, shall we say... lukewarm. The 6th grade, on the other hand, thought it was cool. We haven't broken it out yet for the 7th grade. Do we try to beef it up for the 8th grade, or so we just focus on the younger kids?

2. It takes longer than we originally thought to actually record the files. Do we start to have the more fluent 8th graders help?

Comments? Ideas? Brainstorms?

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Rabbi D. Nimchinsky said...

If all your students are doing are reading text, I can understand why the thrill of reading might be lost on an eighth grader. Why not have the kids record their own “play by play commentary” on events in TaNaCh. You would have them research the story with commentaries and then write their own script.

If you want to preserve the Hebrew language reading element, why not have then conduct a “Johnny reporter on the spot” bilingual interview, with the interviewee’s responses being excerpts of the text they are learning.
For example if you were learning Samuel I chapter 14 the interviewer might ask

Reporter: How would you describe Avshalom?

Interviewee: Reads verse 25

Reporter: Now tell me about his hair! I hear it is something else!

Interviewee: Reads verse 26