Monday, December 17, 2007

Setting up a Hebrew Language Lab

The Ivrit classes have continued to work on conversation and writing as we await (and await and await) our wayward laptop cart. (Supposedly it is in transit at last.)
Morah Shoshie Javits and Morah Dina Shmuel began demonstrating Rosetta Stone Hebrew using the projector in the computer lab with third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Students responded orally to the questions on the screen. This will be reviewed three times to prepare the children for Rosetta Stone’s test format on which they will mark the right answer to themselves.
The teachers are assessing reading comprehension, which will help them determine individual levels when the laptops are introduced in January, since Rosetta Stone combines reading and speaking. The morot have also familiarized themselves with the student management system of Rosetta Stone which is completely individualized. They will be setting each student’s level of proficiency, and determine which exercises s/he is to do based on that level. Each student’s progress is then tracked by the software, with the teachers setting the achievement criteria for moving on to the next level. The fourth graders are our “test” group, although other grades will be using the software.

Headphones with built in mics have been received, and mice for the laptops are on the way. We found in working with the computer lab’s mobile cart of laptops that using the touchpad slowed all but the older students down and increased the likelihood of errors.

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