Sunday, December 30, 2007

Smartboard Sample Files - Beraishit

As I started going through the files I've created since September--cleaning them up, adding teacher's notes, etc.--I was struck by the dramatic differences between the earliest set of Smartboard files and the most recent ones I've been working on.

The first sets are mostly text based, static files, where I'm just starting to get comfortable with the technology. As my comfort level grows it's reflected in more experimentation, different techniques--some of which worked, some which didn't!--and more flash/graphic content.

I've begun uploading files for others to use, adapt, and of course comment on. It will also serve to chart the "evolution of a Smartboard user"!

For convenience, all the files are available in a single compressed file, though you can also download individually, as described below:

The first two files on Beraishit (1:1) explore the word "Beraishit" from the perspective of Rashi, Ramban and the Midrash: beginning of.notebook bishvil raishis.notebook

They're primarily text-based, with the screen shade used as appropriate to hide/reveal text during the course of the lesson. A timeline (empty in the file) was filled in during class by the students. That was the most interactive part of this lesson.

The next file on Beraishit (1:4) explores the light of the first day of Creation. This one has a lot of graphics, but it's still mostly static content: the great light.notebook

I doubled up a few key phrases that could be moved around for emphasis, and of course underlines, arrows, etc. were added during the teaching phase. I used this as a student-driven lesson, too--students were divided into groups, were assigned a page in the file, and taught it to the class. That worked very well.

The next one on Beraishit (1:6) explores the creation of the Rakiah from Malbim's perspective: glass submarine.notebook

This file has a lot more interactivity, including a flash activity that came with the Smartboard Essential for Educator's gallery.

There's also a lot of text, and sometime after this I decided to focus on some creative ways to display text on screen--since, let's face it, we're not going to get away from text in a text-based Chumash class. This next file includes some new ways to show/reveal text: plants and seeds.notebook

This lesson went really well--it has a flash activity, graphics and movable text, and some hidden/revealed text on a screen which is basically text based.

I find students get anxious when too much text is shown at once, but always using the same method to show/reveal text loses its excitement pretty fast. Alternating methods keeps it interesting. An arrow that says "Pull Me" or a box that says "Move Me" actually gets students more involved--students volunteer to pull it and move it. I'm not sure why it's so exciting to pull it, but it seems to work!

I'm working on more files to upload, but that's what I have so far. Please feel free to examine, adapt, and let me know what you think. I'm on the lookout for new and original ideas, so if you have suggestions on doing something differently, please share it!

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