Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sources for Visual Material

Since I've got this fabulous technology available, I've been spicing up my lessons with visual material on a regular basis. I'd like to do this at least twice a week--it could be a short, 3-minute video, but the change in pace really perks the class up. And of course I find a way to tie it into my lesson.

Recently, for example, we were learning about the fifth day of creation, and I showed a two-minute video of a Patriot missile launch and interception, then contrasted this with a scorpion's ability to sense its prey and put itself into position to intercept it.

Another time we were discussing the development of matter into solid, liquids and gases, and I was able to use some flash material from Smartboard's Essential for Educators library to give it a little zing.

So now I'm searching for more material, and I find myself at a loss more often than not. I realize a large part of finding stuff is knowing what to look for, and it does take some original thinking on my part, but it would still be useful to have sources aside from YouTube and the Essential for Educator's gallery.

Are any of you using videos (or other visual material) in your lessons, and where do you find it?


Debbie Harris said...

I agree about both the effectiveness of visual materials and the difficulty with finding them. I love to show a short movie when I'm presenting new material, but sometimes finding resources takes longer than planning the lesson. I would love a comprehensive resource.

Elky Langer said...

Looks like we're dealing with the same problem--the search for resources is really time consuming (though it can be fun) and often leaves me empty-handed and frustrated.

Eli said...

I would like to suggest a few Hebrew sites: Some items include visuals. is a large site, look at:Archeology clips and


Elky Langer said...

Thanks for the links! They should be very helpful.

Lexicon has a lot of images, though it didn't work in Firefox, for some reason--I had to switch to IE. It will take some browsing to get through it all; it helps that it's pretty well organized by topic.

Somehow a link from there took me onto mikranet so I explored that too. That's a really big site, and I didn't find as much there, probably because it'll take more time to figure it out.

And Galim is really cute!