Thursday, December 13, 2007

Studio 613 Vancouver Hebrew Academy

Well, this week sure has been fun for those of us working on Studio 613.

While Rabbi Estrin (Grade 5 Rebbe), works with his students on fine-tuning the script and sorting out some of the casting issues before we begin to shoot, I have been becoming more familiar with the use of the Mac format and all that it can do. BOY, can it do a lot. I find that this is taking so much time, just because there is so much to learn! These machines are amazing! I wish we had more for use in our school (Steve Jobs, I hope you are reading this)

I am far more familiar with PC (which I also think are great, I hope that you are reading this too, Bill Gates), so the Mac presents a pretty steep learning curve. However, I have been finding lots of success and I am sure that we will have a great time putting our media projects together in the coming months.

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