Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I have completed my school version of Parshathon including my new graphics.
I am mostly finished with my Torah Baseball which I expanded to include my projected ideas for next summer so that I should not need to redo the graphics a second time. I included 100 torah trivia questions which a student can answer in order to "catch the ball" and get the opposing player out. These questions are independent of the questions which each teacher will add from his own material. I included Chanuka questions for teachers to use for some good Chanuka fun. I just tested them out with my own classes over Chanuka. The game was a big hit with my students. These include students from grades 9-12.

Here are some problems that I am trying to solve. If anyone has any advice I would be most grateful.
1. Is Visual Basic 6 adequate for installations on Vista without any installation problems or errors? Or should I invest $500 for instalshield in order to install my programs with no difficulty even on Vista.
2. When teachers add their own questions to the games,it would be better if the program worked off of the network instead of using the data on each PC. This would allow the teacher's updates to be available to each computer without doing a separate update for each PC. How can you install the program in a way that you can control that the data should be loaded onto the school network, instead of each PC?
3. Does anyone have any ideas how to best make contact with Principals in a way that they will respond.


Elky Langer said...

I use VB6 but I don't use the installer that comes with it. There's a free installer called Inno Setup -- check out http://www.jrsoftware.org/ -- that I've used for several years now. According to the web site it works with Vista. Though I don't know if my clients have installed my software on Vista PC's, I suspect they have and they would have called me if there had been a problem.

I found it works much better than VB's own installer. The only place I ran into trouble was with Crystal Reports, and that's because Crystal is notorious for being difficult to install on various machines--finding all the DLL's you need can be a nightmare. I don't think that's an Inno issue, though--you'd probably have the same problem with any installer.

Inno should do the job for you, and it's a lot cheaper than the alternatives out there.

Elky Langer said...

Regarding having teachers share the data, if I understand your question correctly, that's a very common scenario which I do all the time. Essentially, the database resides on the server while the program itself runs off each individual machine. Technically, you can set it up so the program runs off the server, too. I've had it work either way.

The best way I've found to set it up is to have either an INI file (if you're old fashioned) or a registry entry (if you're extremely brave!) point to the location of the database. Then the database can reside wherever the user wants--on a network, for a school that's sharing data, or on an individual machine, if it's not being used on a network. Your program will consult the INI file to determine which location is being used in this installation.

It's fairly easy to do. If you want more info email me directly.

Cdrebbisoftware said...

Thank you very much I will look in to both comments.