Thursday, January 24, 2008

Podcasting on the radar...

It occurs to me that a welcome by-product of our doing the Hebrew podcasting has been a subtle change in culture in the school. Last year, I was the only crazy person talking about podcasting or audio anything. Now, with Mar Hallali preparing podcasts and talking about it to the students, it's popped up in so many other places.

I just had a student run into the lab looking for a microphone. It turns out that they're doing something on the computer in the classroom and, well, they need to record something using a mic. This isn't a "planned" activity or one that the teacher prepared using my help - it's probably something that the kids came up with while working on something. Suddenly it's become matter-of-course to add audio to a project.

Besides our Hebrew podcasts, we've had LA students prepare book talk podcasts; 7th graders create podcasts to share with Israeli students with whom we have a protected, moderated social network; and social studies students record narration to accompany their WWII newsreels.

It's interesting how an addition of one thing can spread to so many other areas.

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