Sunday, January 06, 2008

Smartboard Training - Suggestions Please!

We've got an inservice coming up in a month, at the beginning of February, and I've been given an hour to introduce the Smartboard to the rest of the staff and give them some ideas of how they can use it.

The audience will range from elementary through high school, all subjects. So I'd like to give a sampling of various subjects at various levels, then demonstrate some of what's needed to make the Smartboard work.

Most teachers haven't used a Smartboard before, but all are familiar with computers and should get up to speed quickly. I figured I would show the basic operation--how everything on the screen shows up on the Smartboard, how you can manipulate the Smartboard directly in all software--then get into Smart Notebook and show what you can do with it.

Has anyone done anything similar? What would you suggest I focus on?
All ideas are welcome!


Jim Hollis said...

Hi Elky,

You won't have much time, so I would try to knock their socks off so they want to come back for more. Look for some pre-created lessons from Smart Technologies that utilize tools from the Lesson Activity Tool Kit; definitely show them the handwriting recognition; show them how to interact with various web resources (picnik for example); play a few flash-based educational games (I have some great ones if you need one).

I am also putting resources in place to help my teachers utilize Smartboards in the classroom. I was hired as part of an EdTech grant to do this and we have tried a number of techniques to provide the amount of training necessary. We have decided to combine a learning mngt system and an online collaboration tool to provide weekly training. I am planning on creating weekly self-paced classes for teachers. I have finished my first class called Notebook Basics and will continue to create new classes every week.

You're welcome to look at my first class. You'll need to create a new account but feel free to create an account and play around with the Notebook Basics class as much as you'd like.

If you want to contact me, please just follow links from my profile.



Teachers Love SMART Boards

Elky Langer said...

thanks for all your great tips! I love your blog, by the way, and your links have been really useful. I'll check out your Notebook Basics class and if you could get me those flash-based games it would be very helpful.

I think I won't have too much trouble coming up with exciting looking activities for elementary; it's the high school stuff that tends to be less enticing. If you have any particularly good resources for older students that would be very useful.

Your weekly training system sounds great. I will keep an eye on them--I've already learned a lot from all the online videos that are available.

Anonymous said...

Smartboard Resources

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