Friday, January 18, 2008

Student learning curve

Students in the technology minyan are hard at work on Wednesday mornings, putting together their Keynote presentations of blessings for the electronic on-line prayerbook. I am finding that it is a challenge for the students to master the combination of media: Keynote software, word processing in both Hebrew and English, and, for some students, the integration of music or video. They are excited and motivated to keep working on it, but it requires intensive faculty supervision, and I am fortunate to be joined on Wednesdays by our technology director (my fellow grant recipient for this project, Paula Rothman). For others interested in this kind of project, I recommend getting prepared not only with the hardware and software, but also with the staff time.

We have about three more weeks with the current group, and when the are done, I will post an example or two of their work.

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Debbie Harris said...

You're so right, Judd. I find staff planning time always to be a challenge - and a task we underestimate.

I'm interested how you're doing in getting Hebrew into Keynote. I wish Apple was more rtl-friendly. I have classes making newsletters using Pages, and the only way we can make it happen is to type the text in Mellel and then copy/paste into Pages. Are you having any more success with Keynote accepting rtl input?