Friday, January 11, 2008

We finished the first set of interviews

In the beginning of November the journey began and we held our first interview. The students were both nervous and excited as they prepared for the interview. The filming area looked as if it was invaded by Larry King's crew; Microphones were tested, lights were measured, interviewers went over their lines, directors were shouting instructions, and cameramen discussed shooting angles. Suddenly everybody was quiet, lights went on, the film was rolling and as if in a time – machine we were carried 20 years into the past. After the first couple of interviews the students felt like professionals; laughter and jokes replaced the nervous faces and everyone knew exactly what to do.

The first set of interviews was finished by the end of December. 7 Israeli war veterans were interviewed; a Rabbi who fought in the first Intifada, an engineer who repaired tanks and a medic who fought in the Kippur war, a member of a tank unit who entered Lebanon in 1983, a father and son who shared experiences from the first and second Lebanon wars, and an eighty year old veteran who was a member of the Hagana underground and fought in the War of Independence.

Though the filming procedures became a routine, the stories did not. The veterans swept us all with stories of sacrifices, of close friends who died in battle, of bloody nights of combats, of moral dilemmas, of brotherhood and of the love for the State of Israel. They shared their memorabilia; photos, an old bible, a dog tag, and long used uniforms. They touched our soul and many tears were shed as we were faced with the reality of death and victory marked with blood.

Interviews will resume in March as we take a short break to edit the first set of interviews. A 5 minute trailer will be available on the week of January 21st.


daddy-o said...

shalom shalom cobi,

ma shlomekh? at zocheret oti? avaditi itchem bJAMD m'ha-universita shel michigan b'erekh 2003/4. kol kach harbeh kara, aval ani adayin mitga'agea aleychem. ani m'naseh lilmod ivrit k'day l'daber im bat sheli. im tirtzi, efshar l'vaker etzel ha-atar shelanu: tims'ri b'vakasha da'sh l'kulam sham.

daddy-o said...

ps. b'chatzl'kha al ha-proyekt shelakh. nishma m'od tov. ani lo yakhol l'hakshiv.