Friday, March 14, 2008

Tiyul 2008

This will be the second year of the Tiyulblog for our 8th grade class. In preparation for this year's trip the students are being prepared in several different ways. First of all, they are developing their video camera skills and are learning to import and edit the movie and export it to the web. Students are already somewhat familiar with video cameras, but would receive training specific to the microphones, tapes, and batteries that they would use. In addition, as a spin-off from the original project, the teacher/chaperones are learning to create podcasts using Garageband, to offer a second type of communication from the trip.

In response to feedback from last year's blog, we are having students prepare to be the experts on different sites that we will visit, which will encourage more information being communicated in their daily posts.

A challenge we are facing is how to have 45 students involved in the project this year - as opposed to the small class of just 15 students that we had last year.

Also, we have learned that shorter posts are better than longer ones. So we are trying to determine how to balance our desire to provide good information while not going too long for the typical viewer's attention span!

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