Sunday, April 13, 2008

I enjoyed the New York conference, particularly the mind storming session, meeting every grantee and learning about their remarkable projects and creative ideas. On that occasion, I mentioned that my grade 10 Jewish History and grade 11 Tanakh students were creating Smart Board modules. The Jewish History students deal with the various forms of settlements (Kibbutz, Moshav, Moshavah, City) in the Land of Israel in the early part of the 20th century, while the Tanakh students are working on Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), Iyov (Job) and Tehillim (Psalms).
Now that my students are in the second phase of the process (i.e. finishing the transfer of their PowerPoint presentations into Smart Board Notebook files), the main difficulties encountered while working Ivrit b’Ivrit with these programs have become apparent. They are listed in the table below:

1) Reported problems with Hebrew and Punctuation:

When the Notebook file is opened…
a) The Hebrew writing appeared in the opposite direction.
b) The Hebrew writing appeared backwards.
c) Sentences were mixed up and the periods were in the wrong places.
d) When correcting Hebrew texts on Notebook, the punctuation would go in the wrong place.

Possible Solutions:

a) Make sure you do have Hebrew Language module installed before starting the transfer to Notebook.
(To do it on XP or Vista, open Control Panel, click Regional & Language, click Keyboard & Languages, click Install Hebrew).

b) For the Hebrew text to appear correctly, it needs to be recognized by the exploiting system as a Right-To-Left paragraph text.
(To do so, while still in PowerPoint, highlight all your slides, click on the icon of the Right-To-Left Text Direction, save the PP file, then import the PP file from within Notebook; it should now open correctly.)

2) Reported problems with loading PP slides into Notebook:

a) Nothing was loaded at all.
b) Partial loading, only some of the slides showed up on Notebook.

Possible solution:

Copy and Paste the missing slides one by one onto Notebook.

It is interesting to note that most Hebrew transfer problems encountered by the students working on these Smart Board modules were simply solved by installing the Hebrew Language module on their Windows XP or Vista system.

Once the students have completed their class presentations, a sample of these Smart Board modules will be posted on our school’s online Pedagogical Center. Needless to say, these modules can be incorporated into teachers’ lesson plans. To ensure that online users will learn the material while enjoying themselves and being challenged, students have integrated a game into each Smart Board module

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Tikvah Wiener said...

I have problems transferring slides from PowerPoint when I've been working in the new version and I need to open it in the old one, or vice versa (even when I've saved the presentation in both compatibilities). PowerPoint is somewhat temperamental!