Friday, May 09, 2008

Vancouver Hebrew Academy-Studio 613

It has certainly been a whirlwind around here since we got back from our Pesach break. This is the time of year when teachers adjust their timetables and ensure that they are going to be completing all of the content, as well as learning outcomes, that their curriculum calls for.
Similarly, our Studio 613 project finds itself juggling a number of pieces trying to tie up the loose ends on one film while finding time to film a few more scenes and complete the editing of a third.
By the time school is out, we would like to have a DVD available for distribution. This will contain several small films, and hopefully, a slideshow about the project and what it has meant to us this year. We certainly intend to continue on with this project to the degree that we are able. More importantly, this year of experimentation has allowed us to see which areas of our program and curriculum would benefit from more incorporation of multi-media resources.

All-in-all, students and staff continue to enjoy!

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