Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TestingPoint Helps Limudei Kodesh Teachers Prepare Electronic Tests

I have recently experimented with TestingPoint 2008 as a complementary program to the Classroom Management and Student Response System (“clickers”) that I wrote about in my last blog. Undoubtedly, the TestingPoint program helps teachers with the task of writing tests, by making the process simpler and faster. The program takes care of repetitive actions related to the composition of test forms and to the preparation of electronic testing for TurningPoint. It is no wonder that TestingPoint and TurningPoint work well together, as both programs were created by the same company (Turningtechnologies.com)and are guided by the same principles.

How does TestingPoint work?
TestingPoint acts as an add-on to Microsoft Word, with which teachers are already familiar. The working menu appears as in the picture below:

Once installed and opened, teachers can choose from a variety of question templates and forms offered by the program. Limudei Kodesh teachers should not worry about special formatting, as TestingPoint produces a uniformly formatted test throughout.

Once the test is complete, teachers have the option of either running it as a form independently of TestingPoint, or of exporting the electronic test to TurningPoint, thus taking advantage of all features of the Clickers, described in my previous blog entry. Export and import of documents work well both ways between the two above-mentioned complementary programs.

Hebrew Language and vowels:
The support for Hebrew language and vowels is very good, as it is identical to that of Microsoft Word. However, since the TestingPoint forms are preformatted to work best in Latin letters, the numbering of questions remains at the left, while the Hebrew questions start at the right. Besides this slight inconvenience, only advantages were observed during my experimentation with TestingPoint 2008.

The cost:
Teachers will be pleased to know that the TestingPoint software is available free of charge, and does not add any expenses to the initial cost of acquiring the Clickers.

TestingPoint 2008 will significantly decrease the time it takes to prepare tests, quizzes and exams, while TurningPoint will decrease marking time. The combination of these two programs seems to be ideal.

To download TestingPoint 2008 and TurningPoint 2008, click on the link below:http://www.turningtechnologies.com/

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