Friday, June 27, 2008

Vancouver Hebrew Academy-Studio 613

Well, all-in-all, it has certainly been a very positive experience introducing the Studio 613-Torah Media Center into our school this year. Challenging at times, very time consuming, but fun, interesting, exciting and new!
Our Grade 5 students certainly enjoyed being part of this experiment and took pleasure in their acting, directing and editing roles.
This year we were able to produce two short films on Torah themes and accumulate a library of media clips for use in other projects.
Most importantly…we learned a bit more about what does, and does not work for our program.
In May, we were very fortunate to receive a visit from Dr. Nina Butler and Mrs. Ester Feldman who both took a look at what we were doing and, with the eye that comes with years of experience in this arena, were able to focus our efforts in new, more productive ways.
It is our intent to continue Studio 613 into next year, with a view towards having students create short clips (with only minimal direction from staff). The focus of these movies will be to create teaching tools to be used in other areas of the curriculum.
Our school is currently developing a “Critical Thinking” curriculum piece, aimed at fostering higher-level cognitive skills in all subject areas. These films could be used as teaching resources for our programs, and for other schools looking for the same tools.
We are very excited about the possibilities for next year and beyond and we are truly grateful to AVICHAI for helping us to bring this program to fruition!
Thank you and have a great summer!

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