Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jewish History Power Point Update June 2008

Joseph Sonnenblick June, 2008
North Shore Academy High School
Great Neck, N.Y.

Avi Chai Education Technology Experiment Project
Jewish History Power Point Presentations

My educational technology project was to create Power Points in selected topics of Jewish History using Images & Video.

The main goals for the project were to create increase excitement & interest in the classroom, deepen the scope of the learning experience, and improve student’s retention of material. Over the course of the year I created approximately 20 presentations (listed below) and showed my classes about a 1/3 of those presentations due to time constraints. Of the 3 goals the first was most discernable. Students expressed a sense of enthusiasm and increased attention during the presentations. Especially effective in this regard were the video clips. Measuring a deeper understanding and better retention of the material was more difficult to assess but a number of students did report that it helped them study for exams. On a number of occasions they asked that I post the Power points on ANGEl, the school’s computer system so they could view them before the test.

Here is a list of the Power points.

  1. Jewish History Curriculum
  2. The Fall of the Northern Kingdom
  3. Jewish Return to Eretz Israel : Ezra and Nechemia
  4. Jews in the Hellenistic Age
  5. Chanukah and the Maccabees
  6. The Dead Sea Scrolls
  7. King Herod
  8. The Great Revolt
  9. The Rise of Christianity
  10. The Bar Kochba Revolt
  11. The Rise of Islam
  12. The Golden Age of Spain
  13. Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon; the Rambam
  14. The Jews in Medieval Christian Europe
  15. The Spanish Inquisition
  16. East European Jewry
  17. The Jews in America
  18. The Rise of Modern Israel
  19. The Miracle of Jewish History

My plans for the current year are to:

a) Develop more presentations (my ultimate goal is to do about 30)
b) Enhance the present list with more video clips
c) Collect and organize a data base of images and video clips that can be used with the Power points or independent of them.
d) Create lesson plans using the Power points in conjunction with Smart Boards

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Nancy said...

You are amazing, Joseph! Thank you for posting such information PowerPoints and information! You are more than a mensch! Could you please email me or give me your email so I can ask you a question about five of your PowerPoints presentation? I'm sorry, I'm new to Blogging and haven't been able to Google your email address. I also couldn't find a webmaster email address. Thank you, Nancy Adelson