Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shana Tova greetings across the ocean!

Moadim l'Simhah to everyone. Here's a quick update on how our Hebrew teachers at South Area Solomon Schechter are continuing to think of creative ways to use their new video cameras. (This post comes from Braha Oren, one of our lower school Hebrew teachers):

A year ago at our Zimriyah, we invited an Israeli poet and songwriter Dudu Barak to be our guest at the Zimriyah. The students learned many of his songs and got to know him as he visited all of the classrooms in the school and met with the students. He even came to our Zimriyah and sang one of his songs.

In honor of Rosh HaShona this year, we decided to send him a musical New Year’s greeting. The third graders gathered in their classroom at Hebrew time and everyone shouted in unison, “Shana Tova, Dudu Barak!” Then they sang a new song of his that they had learned recently.

It was so clear that the children felt that they had made a real connection with Israel. They were so delighted to make the video, because it reminded them of their treasured guest and new friend from last year. We're waiting eagerly now for a return message from Dudu.

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