Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Integration at Frisch and beyond

Frisch is back from vacation, and my new integration presentations will hopefully be beginning in March. Before vacation, though, I had the pleasure of giving my daughter's fifth grade class at Yavneh Academy an integration presentation on Shmot. I adapted information I used last year when Frisch students learned Sefer Shmot, and I made a presentation elementary school children could understand. Actually, for the morning presentation, the order of the slides was not clear to the students, so for the afternoon presentation, I rearranged the slides into a more logical order. The teacher and I agreed that the presentation was much more clear in its new format, and the afternoon kids did, in fact, have many questions and comments. The new presentation can be found on www.slideshare.net/artikw. The slide show is called Exodus Presentation for Yavneh.

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