Friday, March 06, 2009

Frisch Integration

We've begun the next Chumash integration installment: The Story of Balaam: Sorcery and Divination in the Torah and the Ancient World. The slide show can be found on This presentation will be linked to the next Nach presentation I do, which will be on prophecy in the ancient world. Nach classes this year are learning Ezra, Nechemia, Haggai, Zecharia and Malachi, but since the prophecy presentation is coming at the end of the year, the school also thought it would be a good segue into next year's Nach curriculum, which will be Yirmiyahu and Yeshayahu.

Frisch has also launched its 10th grade integrated curriculum on a wiki. The theme for the sophomores will be Exploration. If anyone wants to see the integrated ninth and tenth curricula, you can email me privately at

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