Monday, March 16, 2009

Frisch wiki/identity integration

Frisch decided to use our 9th grade wiki to teach about Birchat Ha-hama. The Judaic Studies faculty prepared explanatory, halakhic and hashkafic information about the beracha, as well as questions to chart student response to the unit. There are Powerpoints with sources and hashkafic material as well as scribd documents with halakhic information on the wiki page. Once the Judaic information was on the site, I added poems about Nature and how poets write about it in their works. The 9th grade learns Romeo and Juliet, so I also included Romeo's opening words in the balcony scene, when he compares Juliet to the sun and her eyes to stars. Students can then compare how poets treat Nature with how we as Jews respond to it. We fit the unit into the theme of identity by explaining that our relationship to the natural world is an important part of who we are. Perhaps my favorite part of the page, however, is the YouTube video that begins it. The video shows a day on the beach passing in sped up time, while the song "Here Comes the Sun" plays.


Eli said...


Thank you for this.
Can you send some links to the wiki and the YouTube video?

I found a good Power Point about Birchat Ha-hama in Halachayomit. It is in Hebrew...

Tikvah Wiener said...

Email me at and I'll give you access to the wiki and our information.