Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting to know you (by video . . . )

Right after Pesach, in April, our 8th graders will fly to Israel to continue their work on a joint science project with our sister class at Ironi Gimel in Haifa, Israel. In May, the Ironi Gimel class will come to us to finish working on their projects and to be part of a science fair at our school. At the fair, the American and Israeli students will become one team, as they present the projects they have been jointly working on all year.

A few weeks ago, our 8th graders made videos introducing themselves more personally to the Israelis they are soon going to meet face to face. In return, the Ironi Gimel students have made a video and sent it to us so that we can get to know them better as well.

This is the first year we have used videos as a way to get to know each other better, and they have been a smashing success! The Ironi Gimel kids are already asking for more! more! more!

--Miri Chorev and Ghilly Einhorn

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