Thursday, May 07, 2009

Frisch wiki

The students have begun working on their group projects, and Tzvi Pittinsky, Director of Educational Technology, and I are really pleased so far with the way the students are working. They're so interested in their work that when the bell rings they don't get up; I have to make an announcement that they should shut down their computers and go to the next class.

I mentioned that one group is basing their page around four cultures they're going to explore. Students today came up with more exciting ideas. One group is entitling their page, "Have We Really Changed?" and is looking at the topic of "evolution" in biology, obviously, but then in most of their other subjects, seeing how different subjects have evolved over time: how Talmudic law has evolved, how history and literature have developed, etc. Another group, working off of the idea of damages as seen in Bava Kama, is going to explore the idea of how lack of civic responsibility ends in disaster for civilization. The group is going to use the gemara as a jumping off point and then discuss the civil feud in Romeo and Juliet as well as the arguments and discord in Bamidbar. Another interesting discussion of the topic is going to be biology and how we can see harmony in nature by looking at symbiotic relationships. I'm really excited about what the students are doing so far and can't wait to see how their projects come out on the wiki.


JHistPowerptPro said...

I attended the Avi Chai conference on Educational Technology last year. I would like to add my Powerpoint on Jewish history to Slide share as you did. My question is how do I share with the group and does it accept video clips?

Tikvah Wiener said...

Hi, Joseph,

You upload on and then post the link on the page. For example, my link is Slideshare only shows the top image on each slide. It cannot show all the custom animations, so I don't think video clips would work. From what I understand, it's really hard to package and send video clips with PowerPoint presentations. Tzvi Pittinsky, whom I work with, is now suggesting Prezi presentations. The Prezi seems to be able to handle video much more easily.