Friday, August 28, 2009

Jewish History Power Point Project Completed

I am happy to say that I have completed my education technology project: a series of Jewish History Powerpoints with video clips. I have found that the use of video clips in class has greatly enhanced student interest in what might otherwise a boring and dry subject. Today's students are connected in a very big way to technology, whether it be the laptop, cell phone or Ipod. The use of technology has created an atmosphere of excitement in the classroom and has been an extremely effective learning tool.
My Powerpoint library consists of 21 Powerpoint presentations, 556 slides filled with colorful images and 114 video clips. I need to find a way to burn them to DVDs (my laptop does not have DVD burner) and make them available to fellow educators. I will be at school next week for some meetings and will speak to the tech people to either provide me with a DVD Burner or whatever it takes to put all the material on DVDs.
My list of Power points consists of the following topics:
1) Miracle of Jewish History
2) Jewish History Curriculum
3) First Temple Period
4) Jewish Return to Eretz Yisrael
5) The Greeks & Hellenism
6) Chanukah & the Maccabees
7) The Dead Sea Scrolls
8) Herod the Great
9) The Rise of Early Christianity
10) The Great Revolt
11) The Mishna, Talmud & the Oral Law
12) The Bar Kochba Revolt
13) The Rise of Islam
14) The Golden Age of Spain
15) The Rambam
16) The Jews of Medieval Christian Europe
17) Christian Spain, Inquisition & Expulsion
18) The Rise of Hasidism
19) Eastern European Jewry
20) The Jews in America
21) Birth of the State of Israel