Tuesday, September 22, 2009

American Hebrew Academy: AVI CHAI GRANT - Pocket Video Cameras Project

The Pocket Video Cameras project’s goals:
· To increased frequency and duration in speaking Hebrew
· To integrate the Hebrew language in everyday conversations and common settings in a creative way
· To increase enjoyment of speaking Hebrew through the video recorded role playing examples.
Attaining the goals will involve successfully taking of current curriculum for Hebrew classes at several levels (Levels 1.2, 2, and 4) and writing video-interactive enhancements to it. The enhancements will be introduced to faculty, and will be used in at least three different sections during the first two terms of the academic year.
Questionnaires filled out by both students and teachers who have used the enhanced curriculum will measure their level of satisfaction and the utility of the curriculum for improving the enjoyment and degree of involvement in Hebrew conversation.
We are almost there. Once we receive the pocket video cameras and the students finish their presentations/scripts, we can begin.

Hebrew 1.2 - Teacher: Ariella Livnat
Project #1: At the Supermarket "בסופרמרקט"
Hebrew 1.2 is working with Hebrew Shalav Alef "עברית שלב א' " chapter 4. The main story is Albert. The story takes place at a supermarket where the father is shopping for groceries. From here, we’ll take the event to our grocery store and we’ll “shop” for the coming birthday of our student, Marc (10/18). We will put the shopping list together and write the script. I expect to start shooting by Monday, October 5 (within the next five classes).

Project #2: chapter 5 - The Menu "תפריט", tentative date, mid November

Hebrew 2 – Teachers: Ronit Mesika & Samra Nissan
Hebrew 2 is working on the unit “The House” "הבית". Once we conclude this unit, the students will be assigned to make a video clip of their house/rooms and will present the material learned in the unit via the presentation. The video clip will emphasize the practice of the possessive pronoun “shel” "של" and its declension, as well as the furniture and items usually found in a room. The tentative filming day is Wednesday, October 13.

Hebrew 4 – Teacher Ariella Livnat
Project #1: The Book "הספר"
Hebrew 4 is working with Ivrit Min Ha’athala 1 "עברית מן ההתחלה א' “, chapter 10. One of the sub-units is "החיים בלי ספרים" (Life without Books). We are wrapping up this topic with student presentations on their favorite book, after which they are going to choose the most meaningful part of the book and play it out for the class. Two to three students will perform the script that will be adapted to their Hebrew language abilities in advance. This will be the first video clip in their Spoken Hebrew portfolio. The tentative date to start filming is Wednesday, October 7 (within the next six classes).

Stay tuned for more updates!
שנה טובה וגמר חתימה טובה
Ariella Livnat

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