Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Steps in Student Videography in the Judaic Classroom

Oh, the excitement of watching students as they see their books come to life.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy (DKJA) is the recipient of a Technology Education Grant from the Avi Chai Foundation for Videography. Students and faculty will soon benefit from a new program that incorporates state-of-the-art video production in Hebrew (Ivrit) and Judaic Studies.

Our goal is for students to be actively involved in a creative learning process with their teachers.

Mr. Arnon Ben Shlomo is a teacher at DKJA for the last 13 years and has produced 9 documentary movies for 8th grade moving up ceremonies and 2 movies for 12th grade graduation. Last year as an experiment he produced 2 movies in his Hebrew classes (in Ivrit) based on the NETA curriculum that the school is using. Arnon had the opportunity to show one of the movies at the NETA Seminar and was highly acclaimed.

For the 2009/10 school year Arnon will facilitate the production of:

• 4 short movie productions by 4 different teachers.
• 2 of the productions will be from the Hebrew class in Ivrit.
• 2 of the productions will be from the Judaic classes in English.
• Creating a Videography club for students.
• Training teachers in making movies with their students.
• Working with students and teachers in:
Script writing

Our first review of last year’s production from a teacher in Sydney Australia:
“I just finished the first part of the Master Teachers’ course in Boston where I mentioned that I was teaching Choveret 17. I was then given a copy of the movie you made and I just wanted to say that it was amazing.”

We look forward to hearing from our constituents and maybe one day DKJA will go to the Oscars

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