Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Started with Rosetta Stone- Yavne Highschool Cleveland, OH

Yavne Highschool is in the process of setting up our weekly computer session for each grade (7th-12th). We have purchased the Rosetta Stone Homeschool Hebrew Software as the backbone of this endeavor. We are determining which levels will be covered by which grades. The curriculum is set, as of now, to have each grade do 2 units of a given level per semester.

The breakdown will look as follows:

7th grade: Level 1 , Unit 1 & 2
8th grade: Level 1, Unit 3 & 4
9th grade: Level 2, Unit 1 & 2
10th grade: Level 2, Unit 3 & 4
11th grade: Level 3, Unit 1 & 2
12th grade: Level 3, Unit 3 & 4

Each grade is divided into 2 classes for Ivrit, based on the students individual level. We are hoping to have one class per grade utilizing Rosetta Stone per semester.

Yavne has 4 periods per week designated for Ivrit. One out of those 4 will be labeled "Ivrit in the Computer Lab". During the semester in which the class is not using Rosetta Stone, we are still going to keep that weekly period assigned to the lab, with other projects to be completed.

Since no student, as of yet, has used the software, we will chose 3 pilot classes (7th, 10th and 11th grades) to determine if the projected curriculum is efficient and effective. All classes will start with Level 1 at this time, with the older grades simply going at a faster pace until they reach their specified level. With 7th grade beginning right at the beginning, as set by the curriculum guidelines as well, they will be the first grade to progress with the program at the desired speed.

My hope is to begin this program after the students return from Sukkot break. This will always be my desired time to begin this program since the students have all adjusted back to the routine, there are no more frequent breaks for holidays and material from the previous school year has been adequately reviewed.

The entire staff (both Ivrit teachers and others) are extremely excited about this project and can't wait to implelement it!

Hoping for much success and enthusiasm from the students!


Rabbi Daniel Rosenberg said...

How does this fit into/replace your regular Hebrew language instruction? Is it a program that works "independently" or is your grant a virtual language-lab?

Mrs. Rochel Berkowitz said...

It is going to be used as a supplement. The girls have Ivrit 4 times a week, one of these periods will be designated as "Rosetta Stone". It cannot stand alone in our school. It is a great way for the girls to strengthen their actual verbal skills as well as comprhension. I do like traditional methods of teaching the language and feel it gives them a holistic approach to Hebrew seeing the grammar both in rule form , in a regular classroom setting, as well as in a real life scenario, as is found on the Rosetta Stone software. Using Rosetta Stone exclusively seems to be ideal for an individual, most likely older than our students.