Friday, September 25, 2009

iPods for Hebrew - Gray Academy of Jewish Education

We are using 6 iPods (5 classic, 1 nano) hooked up to a Bretford Power Sync Cart, which enables us to charge all of the iPods at once, as well as access the sound files using one computer. So far a grade eight class has used the iPods for a reading test that was developed by their teacher. The reading test is connected to the NETA program that we use in our school, Gray Academy of Jewish Education. The iPods are a great tool to enhance two of the four major skills in Hebrew acquisiton: reading and speaking. The students were very keen and excited to use the iPods, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to purchase these devices. As well, the sound quality and range from the iPod is excellent, as long as the students speak clearly.

The teacher who is using the iPods is also learning the Mac OS, which has broadened her ICT skills. One thing she has learned is that the students have to identify themselves before recording their voices. She found it difficult to know for sure who was speaking, which was a real surprise. That may be a function of speaking in a different language, and the nature of testing vs. speaking "naturally".

The sound files were transferrred from the Mac computer to the teacher's flash drive. We realized a larger flash drive was necessary because the sound files are not compressed. All of these issues are easily resolved.

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