Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next Step in Student Videography in the Judaic Classroom

The New Year 5770 brings us to the next step in our Videography in the Judaic classroom.

We began our Videography journey by studying in class a paragraph on "Truth and Lies", from NETA 10. After a careful review of the paragraph the students and the teacher decided to embark on creating a movie based on this paragraph.

The students together with the assistance of the teacher composed the script. Once the script was completed, they had to audition for the parts that they felt they could portray.

The process consisted of memorizing a whole part and then acting it out. This immersed the students into studying the story as well as learning their respective parts. This first video will be in Hebrew; and as a result of the students learning their parts, they are also enhancing their knowledge of Ivrit.

The next step will be to rehearse the parts in which the students will continue to study the story and then filming it (the next Spielberg..).

Our next Blog posting will consist of the editing process.

This is only the first of four (4) videos that we will produce.

We look forward to your feedback.

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